About Us

Dedicated Home Renovation, Commercial Office Design & Renovation Malaysia

Wanted to redefine your space so badly? Give your home and/or office a more fresh look? Kah Yong Construction & Engineering Sdn Bhd is the perfect solution for you! We offer end to end support of House Renovation as well as Office Design & Renovation especially to our clients in Selangor, Malaysia, to make your designing dream and fantasies come true.


Cost Effective, Efficient & Fascinating Kitchen Makeover & Bathroom Makeover

As a Renovation Specialist, we do not focus on Home Renovation as well as Commercial Office Design & Renovation alone. With attention to detail and intrinsic value in designing and renovating, we also offer comprehensive packages of Kitchen Makeover as well as Bathroom Makeover. Our Kitchen Makeover will surely provide you with cleaner, spacious and unique look for your to enjoy cooking. Aside from that, we also offer Bathroom Makeover which will be renewed with new outlook and accessories of beautiful tub, steam room and many more depending on your specifications.


Exceptional & Unique Interior Design Services

At Kah Yong Construction & Engineering, we also Offer Interior Design Services and consult our clients a unique detailing to your requirements while giving constructive ideas whether your requirements could be implemented in the natural setting and user-friendly or otherwise. So what are you waiting for? Let’s turn your dull interior to a more lively space! Talk to our specialists to know more about our unique Interior Design Services.


Safeness and Durable are Our Promises in Wiring Services

What could be more important than safeness and long lasting life span for the wires in the home? Rather than those messy wires behind the walls that may be short in their life span and probably endangering our safety, we offer fine quality and durable wiring services, with safe installation and after-sales services that guaranteed you things won’t go haywire.


Instead of Just Decoration, Coziness & Prestiges are Our Awning Services

While many just offered awning as decoration, we ensured our awnings services are great enhancements to the prestiges of your building, offering you coziness that protect you and the people of your concern from harsh rain and sun damage. Tell us what’s the style you preferred and we have our designers standby to decorate for you.